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Crossfire Tournament 2024


🔥 Calling all Crossfire gamers!

🎮 Don’t miss out on the action-packed Crossfire Tournament happening May 25th-26th at SamCeb Gaming Hub!

💥 Whether you’re a rookie, feeling pro, or a seasoned pro, there’s a category for you to showcase your skills and compete for glory!

🏆 Join us in celebrating San Antonio de Padua fiesta in style with thrilling battles and epic moments!

🎉 Mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience! See you at SamCeb Gaming Hub!


Novice Category

Entrance: 50 per head

  • Exclusive for players that live in Tuwang Cambuntan ONLY.
  • Players will be divided accordingly para walay mo hilak.
  • Must like and follow SamCeb Gaming Hub page.

Registration Link:

Professional Category

Entrance: 100 per head or 500 per team

  • Pro player or feeling Pro and must live in Carcar City (No IMPORT/OUTSIDER)
  • Must like and follow SamCeb Gaming Hub page.

Registration Link:


Novice – TBD
Professional – TBD


Match Settings

A. Competition Method

  • 5 vs 5 (Team Play, 5 players per team)

B. Match Rounds

Elimination: 5 – 5 – 7 Rounds
Finals: 7 – 7 – 9 Rounds

Tie Breaker Rule
  • Extra Round: If the Set rounds end in a draw, 2 extra rounds will be played. First team to score 2 will win.


The maps that would be used are as follows:

  • Blackwidow (CF 2.0 version may also be used if preferred)
  • Mexico
  • Port
  • Sub Base
  • Ankara

Game Restrictions

A. Characters

  • Only male characters will be allowed for use in all matches.

B. Character Items / Items

  • Default character items and items are the only ones allowed.

C. Weapons

  • Default weapons are the only ones allowed.

Match Rules

Unfair Practices Subject to Penalty!

A. Permitted

  • Boosting (Stepping on top of a team player or nearby objects)
  • Double jumping and Ghost Step (China Walk)
  • Climbing up to higher structures by stepping on a lower structure or teammate.

B. Subject to Warning

  • Verbal or computer voice chatting among players when the player has been knocked out (dead in the game).
  • Any action taken with the keyboard and/or mouse after the player has been knocked out will be subject to a warning from the referee.
  • Standing and getting out of their seat while the game is still ongoing after the player has been knocked out.

C. Subject to Forfeit

  • Change of players once a match has started.
  • C4 must be planted at a visible location. Planting C4 at a location where boosting is required is not allowed. The following are examples of the Forbidden Area.
  • All 3rd party programs are NOT PERMITTED unless stated otherwise. Except for the device drivers necessary for installing computer peripherals.
  • If a player is found to be gaining an unfair advantage through an external source (press, team leader, player, spectator, etc.), the team may be subject to forfeit.
  • If the player is found to be abusing a rule(s) intentionally, the player will be forfeited at the referee’s discretion.
  • Bug spray is not allowed (bug scattering the paint widely to be used as a camouflage effect).
  • Any of these disorderly behaviors disqualifies a team from participation, finals, or prizes.
  • Threatening GMs and any staff
  • Disregarding instructions and preventing the flow of the event to continue
  • Saying explicit words directed to GMs and any Gameclub Staff

D. Subject to Disqualification

  • Moving by abnormal method (such as using a bug).
  • All players must set the color setting at 32 bit (16 bit is strictly forbidden). Failing to play with 32-bit setting will result in the team’s Disqualification.
  • Use of unauthorized hardware.
  • Using any program on computers that can provide any kind of assistance during a match. The identification of such software may result in disqualification of the team.
  • During specific matches, players must use the programs provided by the organizer. If specific software is necessary, players must seek approval from the organizer first and make sure the organizer is present upon installation. If a player is found to have installed a prohibited program, the match will be forfeited and the team will be disqualified.
  • Hacking into an account, server, computer, or other that is used for the tournament
  • Any methods of circumventing the game rules will be penalized at the discretion of the referee.
  • All participating players are not allowed to stream live and/or play in tournaments of other games during the whole duration of the Tournament/League. Violation may result in disqualification of the Team and banning of the player involved.

E. Right to Raise an Objection

No, you have no right.

F. Disconnection

  • DC upon match loading or start of the round (not through bugs):
    • Remake of the round or creation of a new room
    • Scores will be carried over from the previous room
  • DC of 3 or more players while match is already ongoing:
    • Remake the round or creation of new room
    • Scores will be carried over from previous room
  • DC of 1 to 2 players while match is already ongoing:
    • If all players are still alive (Remake the round or create a new room | Scores will be carried over from previous room)
    • If one or more players are already killed (Continue the round until a team wins | Remake the round or create a new room | Scores will be carried over including the round where 1 to 2 users were disconnected)
  • Intentional DC of any player in a team (Alt-F4, shutdown or unplugging of PC unit)
    • 1st Offense: Team will lose that round
    • 2nd Offense: Team will be disqualified from the tournament
    • Internet connection or any other technical issues are subject to discretion from the referee and organizers

H. In-game Bugs

  • If in any case in-game bugs (such as bugs in planting or defusing time explosive device and/or more) occurred during a match, that specific round will be restarted regardless of the course of the match.
  • Players are required to inform the GMs/Marshal immediately regarding the encountered bug so the GMs can implement the rule. If a player fails to declare the bug within that round, the GMs will consider that round normal and all the scores made in that round will be counted.


Online Registration – Link coming soon.
Onsite Registration – Look for Catherine Alegarbes


  • Tournament guidelines, rules, and policies may change during the implementation of this tournament.
  • Head Game Marshalls have the right to modify, expound, clarify, and interpret tournament rules depending on circumstances to attain a fair and balanced competitive environment.
  • Administrators, Game Masters, or event organizers will always have the final decision on all issues or matters pertaining to this tournament.

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